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Wildlife friendly gardens can be a source of great entertainment

Watching a bat pop out from under a bat house after sunset or seeing a hedgehog pop out from underneath some old wooden logs can be a great sight to catch on a whim, but if you want to actually see these types of sights more often you can take some proactive steps to make it happen.

By building your garden to be wildlife friendly you will not only create a happy feeling for yourself when you see them, but you will bring a lot of happiness to the animals that eventually call your garden home.

One great way to attract animals into your garden is by adding some trees since trees serve a dual purpose in your garden. First off, they create great habitats for birds and mammals to call home, but they also offer a food source for birds and insects that will last year round.

For smaller mammals such as squirrels they also offer a place to store food which is equally important. In addition, trees offer shelter which means that many mammals that are not climbers will choose to build their homes underneath the trees adding to the amount of wildlife that you attract into your garden.

If you have space, you might also think about building a pond as this will attract a lot of wildlife your way. However, even if you do not have the space you can always take an old bath or sink and place it into the ground on a slope so that creatures can crawl in and out of it as they want. The new damp spots will help attract dragonflies, frogs, toads, and newts and of course will attract other species that are just looking for a place to cool off or get a quick drink of water.


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