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Wild parakeets seen as a threat in the UK

Because of damaging food crops and being a threat to native wildlife, parakeets in Britain living in the wild may be culled. Originally from South America they were released from captivity in the 90s and the grey, yellow and green birds are living in the south of England.


There are only between 125 and 150 that live in the entire UK nevertheless the decision to exterminate them has been taken but conservative groups are calling for them to be re-homed instead of being shot.


The Department of Environment’s Food and Rural Affairs said that as part of the Defra initiative control is being done to eradicate the potential threat imposed by the parakeets to the native wildlife, crops and national infrastructure. Significant damage has been done by the species in other countries through their activities of feeding and nesting so early preventative action is being taken to stop the same from happening in the UK.


These parakeets build very large communal nests and could cause a threat to the agriculture and our safety since they could cause structural problems with the national electrical supply, said The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds but they should not be shot.





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