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UN wants biodiversity in your back garden

The United Nations has declared the year 2010 to be the International Year of Biodiversity, and everyone can and should get involved.  This includes anyone who eats, drinks or breathes, not to mention all the other activities and pursuits of every person living on the planet.

Biodiversity is just a term for the interconnection of all living things, from the simplest fungus to the mightiest oak tree and the smallest insect to that most complex of creatures known as humankind.  Every species has its purpose and its place, and all are dependent upon one another for survival.

As part of the celebration of Biodiversity Year, the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh is

offering a fascinating series of events during their International Science Festival next month.  The importance of butterflies, the varieties of potatoes, how to identify and use plants as medicine and a host of other topics are presented in walks, lectures, storytelling and close personal contact with some of the diverse and amazing plants and creatures that make up the world’s ecosystems.

Those of us who enjoy gardening are particularly invited to join in and contribute our own efforts in our garden plots and allowances.  Any garden, even the most carefully tended, is a valuable wildlife habitat.  Not just birds and bees, but worms and spiders and even aphids have their necessary place in the endless chain of birth, death, decay and renewal.  Humans alone have the capability of destroying or protecting the all-important biodiversity on the Earth.


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