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Turning your garden into a haven for birds

With just a bit of effort on your part you can easily turn a garden into a safe place for the birds to visit by adding in a few accessories such as bird feeders, bird tables, and bird tables. This way you will help provide shelter and food for birds while keeping predators away from them at the same time.

The focal point of your improvements should be a bird table that is kept well stocked. You can usually purchase bird tables just about anywhere, and since they come in many different designs it should be no problem to find one that will match your garden. It used to be that bird tables were only made out of wood but now they are made out of many different materials including glass, plastic, and metal.

You want to make sure that when you put your bird table out you place it in a quiet area of the garden so that the birds do not get disturbed while they are eating. Usually it is a good idea to keep it away from shrubs and brushes as well since this is where predators like squirrels and cats tend to hang out.

When it comes to filling our bird table you can be a bit imaginative and place things such as animal fats, rice, fruit, bread, cheese, and peanuts inside. In addition, you can also get some ready made bird food mixes to place inside that will help you to attract certain bird species. Usually the labels on the bird seed will tell you what kind of birds like it if you are trying to get one in particular.


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