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The pros and cons of mild winters

The mild winter would mean that several plants in the garden would be behaving unusually, including camellias which would bloom early. Unusually, some people could see these plants bloom in November, even though this is a process that usually doesn’t happen until late in March. Unfortunately, this is not good news for the plant as it means that they will still be susceptible to frost, which can kill the buds.

Unfortunately, a warm winter can mean that mayhem is caused in the garden, and this can lead to a very disappointing spring when it comes around. For plants that decide to flower early, they have their flowers killed, and re-enter a dormant period. For those who are keen on having a very beautiful garden in the spring, this can be a great problem as all the flowers bloomed already, there is going to be very little left in the spring.

If you are a landscape gardener, then you are going to have to think about ways to deal with this problem as it can make the gardens you are creating rather disappointing. When you are planting you will often think of schemes, and you will have a vague idea of when the difference plants are going to flower. This will allow you to create a very specific look for the garden, but this is something that can be entirely thrown out of whack if you have a warm winter.

Unfortunately, when the situation happens it is important to take action, even though this can be something that is unpleasant. Going out into the garden at this time of year is not something you plan for, but it is something you’ll need to do if you want to protect your plants. You should look into various protective measures to combat the unseasonal weather.


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