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The perfect last minute gifts for gardening enthusiasts

The perfect last minute gifts for gardening enthusiasts

The perfect last minute gifts for gardening enthusiasts

If you are still hunting for that special gift for a family member or friend who is a keen gardener then you need to visit Their affordable and imaginative gift vouchers for their gardening design service start at only £39, which gets you a professionally designed planting plan for a single border, or for £129 you can buy someone a whole new garden design.

All you have to do is visit, click to buy, and you will receive the gift voucher ready for use by the lucky recipient who can activate their garden design by simply entering the voucher code online. One of’s professional garden designers will then contact them to discuss their garden’s design needs and their style preferences. Also available are Gift Vouchers to purchase from over 1500 high quality plants including its new carnivorous range, the perfect pets for children to nurture but are low maintenance!’s clever online Garden Design Tool can measure their garden and set the orientation remotely. Each garden design gift pack contains a soil testing kit to establish the soil conditions to enable the Plantify garden designer to suggest the right plants that will thrive in this garden. A cost calculator keeps an eye on the cost of the planting, to keep within your budget and the final garden design will be sent by post, containing a beautiful printed design proposal, a plant colour mood board and a suggested plant list to achieve the new look.

Each garden design gift voucher also gives a generous discount off plants bought from to bring the garden design to reality.

Choose from:

Garden Design 100 – £39

An instant makeover that can be achieved by re-designing the planting of a single border in a focal area of the garden or front of the house. Our garden designer will work with you to develop a theme to transform a single border into a true eye catcher. Maximum size 10m2 / 100 sq ft. This gift voucher comes in an envelope and includes:

• Soil testing kit

• Phone call with designer

• New planting design, printed planting plan and colour mood board

• Plant list

• 10% discount voucher on plants

• Each voucher is valid for 24 months

Garden Design 1000 – £79

An affordable garden makeover that will work with the current landscaping and give it a new look-and-feel by designing with plants. Our designer will work with the existing layout, suggesting improvements and revising the planting scheme to create an exciting new palette of colour and textures. Maximum size 100m2 / 1000 sq ft. This gift voucher comes in an envelope and includes all features contained in Garden Design 100 plus 15% discount voucher on plants.

Garden Design 2000 – £129

A completely new garden design for a total makeover of the garden, from improved layout to a fresh planting design. Our designer will start with a blank canvas, creating a new garden design that might involve a change of the landscaping as well as a brand new planting scheme. Maximum size 200m2 / 2000 sq ft. This gift voucher comes in an envelope and includes the features included in Garden Design 1000 plus new garden layout and 20% discount voucher on plants.

Gift Vouchers

If you prefer to give vouchers so that your family and friends with green fingers can buy high quality plants delivered straight to their door, then simply choose the Plantify Plant Gift Voucher in multiples of £5, £10 and £25 with no additional cost for postage. Each voucher is valid for 24 months. is now selling over 1500 high quality plants grown by independent British plant nurseries at competitive prices and uses clever packaging to ensure the plants arrive safely.

Carnivorous Plants are low maintenance and scientific fun for the child in everyone!

Carnivorous plants have fascinated people for the past 200 years, and they are also an ideal way to get children interested in plants. Despite having a reputation for being difficult to grow, the majority are in fact very simple to succeed with. offers three species: 1x Sarracenia Pitcher Plant* from North America, 1x Venus Fly trap also from North America, and 1x Sundew* from South Africa, along with an instruction sheet.

Try standing the plants outside on a sunny day and you’ll see how these incredible organisms attract, catch, and eat house flies, wasps, and blue bottles. Visit for more information.


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