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The many advantages of a summerhouse

A summerhouse can greatly enhance your garden and there are so many things that it can be used for. Probably the most popular use is as an extra children’s playroom but it can also be used as an office, a workshop or even just a store. And of course you can use it yourself just to simply enjoy your garden as you sit in it on a summer evening.

If you are choosing a summerhouse for your garden one of the first things that you must consider is what use you will put it to. Then you need to consider the style that will suit your particular garden. You might want it to be a discreet feature or actually a prominent display as part of your garden.

You will want your summerhouse to last several years at least so you must consider what materials it will be made of. Obviously you may be restricted by budget on this but it still needs to be well made. Most summerhouses are made of wood but you can get them in metal or plastic.

Plastic materials are usually cheaper but are more susceptible to damage and metal summerhouses can be more durable but they need a lot of care if they are not to become rusty and become an eyesore in your garden. Wood is probably the best choice and it is best to get one that has already been treated to prevent it rotting or again you will have a lot of maintenance on your hands.

Choosing the windows and doors of your summerhouse is again another important consideration. This will depend a lot on what use you have for your summerhouse. If you need natural light then obviously you will want a glazed door and several windows. If privacy is your main concern then the opposite is true.



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