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The feeding habits of our feathered friends

It has been roughly calculated that a young song thrush has the ability to consume over 10,000 caterpillars, snails, and flies throughout the breeding season and blue tits can even feed as many as 8000 insects toothier brood as they raise them.

Seedeaters often also feed their young brood animal food even though they do not eat it as adults. This is due to the fact that insects and other animal foods contain a high level of protein, moisture, and calcium. All of these elements are important to growing chicks.

A bird needs to have three basic needs met in order to live, and they happen to be the same as any other child: food, shelter, and water. By offering one of these if not all three of these in your garden you will increase the amount of species that stop by the bird feeder.

Native trees usually attract the widest variety of insects featuring centipedes, caterpillars, and woodlice. This encourages birds to scour the branches for insects that they can then feed to their young. Oak trees in particular have a large assortment of insects and also offer birds acorns as well drawing in birds like jays.

The lawn is great feeding ground for insects and will allow some areas of the lawn to grow longer and sometimes even flower producing clover and daisies that are even more attractive to the birds. Clover helps by feeding the grass with nitrogen and also attracts larvae and insects that will then feed on the seeds and the roots.

Snails, which are a personal favorite choice of the song thrush, will also stop by the plant. Blackbirds will usually wait in the wings and attempt to steal the snail after the thrush has worked hard to crack the snail shell.


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