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The benefits of harvesting rainwater

Harvesting rainwater is a very simple process and can be easily set up in your garden by the simple installation of a steel tank, or a water butt. In people’s homes, water butts tend to be more popular option where as steel tanks are used by either commercial properties, or people with particularly large gardens. Steel tanks are very popular at golf courses, and other sports grounds as well as private properties with large amounts of area to water.

Drought is a serious problem in the UK and this has been highlighted by problems that have been seen in the last year. Reservoir supplies have been low meaning that people are unable to use hosepipes to water their garden. For this reason the installation of a water butt or other sort of water reservoir can be a great idea as it allows you to water your garden whether there is a hosepipe ban in place or not.

It can be frustrating to gardeners in the UK to see how much rain can suddenly full and yet hosepipe bans are not lifted meaning that the plants in the garden do tend to suffer. Using a water butt to collect this unnecessary rainwater can ease some of this frustration and allow you to keep your plants healthy and watered all year round.

Many people are always talking about how important it is to save water by taking shorter showers and perhaps putting something in the toilet to reduce the amount of water it uses every time it flushes.

However when you compare the amount of water that is not harvested when it rains, the savings we make in the home seem almost insignificant. Therefore installing a water but is a simple, cheap, and effective option for reducing the effect that you feel when there is a drought in the country.


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