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Simple planting to entice birds to your garden

If you are planting a landscaped garden you may want to think about how birds could compliment it by offering bright colours, cheerful songs, and lively movement.   In fact, every garden regardless of size can offer a sanctuary for birds year round, by just adding the four ingredients that an urban songbird requires for a proper habitat: shelter, food, water, and nesting.

While choosing what to plant in your garden, Christina Sharma the founder of Project CHIRP stated that birds thrive on plant species that are natural to their area.

Sharma want on to say that native plants have evolved along with wildlife to meet their shelter and food needs that are offered in the area, which is why when you plant native plants you can offer them what they need to meet their survival needs.

The top plants that appeal to birds include any plants that end in ‘berry,’ such as serviceberry, nannyberry, blackberry, and elderberry.  Sharma added that grey dogwood and smooth roses are also appealing.

Director of horticulture for the Botanical Garden, Paul Zammit, stated that viburnum, sumac, and hawthorn are also great to attract birds with.

In terms of trees and shrubs, those that have berries and blooms will attract birds due to the fact that they offer bright autumn colours.

Evergreens are also important such as the white pine, white cedar, and Eastern hemlock which offer great protection, year round shelter, and a great nesting site for birds.


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