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Sharing your garden with wildlife

There are a multitude of things that every garden as to consider throughout the gardening year’s there are trees, which runs and flowers to be attended to as well as the grass which needs weeding and cutting on a regular basis.

With all these things to deal with throughout the entire year it is often easy to walk the needs of the wildlife they may live in or visit your garden. It cannot be understated about how important wildlife can be even in a suburban garden.

Many creatures carry out important gardening tasks on behalf of the owner, and even if some wildlife is not beneficial to your garden is still important to help to provide them with accommodation on the land that once belonged to them.

Wildlife friendly gardening can be a little tricky as most animals and birds require very different things from a garden experience than humans do. We like everything in our gardens to be neat and tidy and ordered, whereas many wild creatures prefer rough ground that can shelter them and hide them away from prying eyes as well as provide a home for their food of choice.

A rock or a fallen tree stump may be an unsightly object to many gardeners but for a hedgehog or a toad in may be a perfect home. These types of places can be ideal locations for all kinds of wildlife to move into or just to search for food.

Providing some nourishment for all kinds of animals can be very easy task, and maybe a simple as putting out a bowl of water to feed anything from a passing bird to a visiting badger.

It is not essential to buy a state-of-the-art animal feeding device, very often a simple bowl all a dent in a rock may be all that is required to help sustain wildlife especially through the difficult winter months.


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