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RSPB says use logs to attract garden insects and birds

The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB) is England’s largest and most beloved conservation charity, and they have some great plans for the preservation of the country’s natural habitats and wildlife.  RSPB also has suggestions for every human resident to play some small part in the battle to save countless species of birds and other creatures from extinction in the U.K.

While fruit-bearing trees and vines are certainly essential, RSPB says we must remember that dead wood and other ‘refuse’ provide ideal habitats for many of the insects and invertebrates as well as lichens, moss and fungi that make up a crucial part of the food chain, especially for birds.  Spokespersons for RSPB offer several ideas that almost anyone can implement in a yard, garden or even a patio or balcony.

Insect habitats, perches and nesting places can be derived from dead or decaying wood, whether it’s a tree or a stack of mouldering firewood or just ordinary cuttings from gardening and landscaping activities.  RSPB recommends ‘planting’ logs or parts of them in tubs filled with soil and wood chips if space is limited, such as on a balcony or other urban area.

If you have a bit of ground to work with, leave a corner free and contrive a wildlife refuge in miniature.  A stack of decaying fireplace logs will turn into a feeding ground for many species of birds, and a tree with a dead limb or two makes an ideal perch where birds can sing and fluff their feathers.


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