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RSPB and Bupa wildlife gardens

The RSPB and Bupa have joined together to help wildlife gardening become possible in more than 300 of the company’s health care homes by the end of 2011.

The RSPB plans to utilize its Homes for Wildlife project to bring many threatened species of wildlife into Bupa care homes such as butterflies, house sparrows, hedgehogs, song thrushes, and bees.

Bupa hops that as residents start to work on the wildlife project they will become passionate amount wildlife and lead them to a new hobby while at the same time helping to create much needed homes for many wildlife creatures.

Once the Using its Homes for Wildlife project kicks off at Bupa’s care homes residents will have the chance to take part in many of the new wildlife activities which ranging from creating next boxes to helping staff with the gardens to watching bird.

The program was first piloted in the Midlands and Wales at a few special test Bupa care homes and started with a training day for staff from the home that was hosted by both Bupa and the RSPB.

90% of the homes that partook in the trial program found that it was very useful and appreciated by residents leading Bupa to decide to institute the project at all of its homes across the UK.

Home manager for the Leicester Gerry Ferrers care Home Sue Brach stated that residents that struggle with dementia have benefited from the program immensely as they are able to help out with the work and get engaged which in turn has made their relatives very happy to see their loved ones enjoying themselves once again.


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