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Planning your landscaped garden

Planning a landscaped garden takes thought, imagination and a little skill. The key is planning. You may already have an idea of what you want in your garden but if you don’t plan things correctly, it can end up looking a mess. You need to see what space you have available and then you can decide what features will go where. So planning your space is important.

You may already have trees in your garden and these can be utilized in the project. If you don’t have any you may wish to add some so that they enhance other features or just to give some shade in parts of the garden. A water feature is always a nice idea if you have the space. Ponds, pools or fountains are nice to look at and also add a certain tranquility to a garden. Ponds, especially, attract wildlife to the garden as well.

Rockeries are a nice feature to have and can work in conjunction with a water feature. A rockery can help to break up the garden and give it a more natural look. A good idea is to add a pathway or even more than one if your garden is particularly large. The path can be made of paving stones, stone chips or wood chips.

An archway is always nice. They can divide sections of your garden working in conjunction with the paths and plants. Again this is for a big garden but even a small garden can be enhanced by an archway. They are also very nice if they have climbing plants on them which add to the attractiveness of your garden.


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