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Planning a garden pond is an essential part of it’s construction

If you want to install a pond in your garden then it is absolutely essential that you do enough planning. If you start building a pond without adequately planning it out, then this is a surefire recipe for trouble. One of the main reasons people install a pond in their garden is so that they can have fish. These can add a wonderful ambience of tranquillity and peace to your garden and really make it a much more pleasant place to be.

When you are designing a pond there are very few rules that actually have to be kept to and you have a large amount of creative flexibility in designing. However, you should ensure that if you have some types of fish that enough sunshine comes to the pond each day. For example if you want Koi Carp then it is best to make sure that the pond receives at least six hours of sunshine each day.

Some types of fish also prefer cooler water, and while it is not going to be practical for you to either cool or heat the water in the pond, you can design it so that the ponds retains a consistent temperature.

For example, if you want to have a cooler ponds, you should make sure it is suitably deep. This will ensure that the fish have a cool place to go on particularly hot days. These deep areas also have an additional advantage as in the winter they stay warmer and so fish have a more consistent temperature to live in.

You should also be very careful about the placement of your pond in your garden. Other than getting enough sunshine, you should make sure that the pond is not near any conifers or other deciduous trees. The falling leaves from these plants can contaminate the water.


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