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North American chipmunk spied in Avon garden

Greengrocer Fred Hodges who is now retired thought that it was all in his head when he saw a chipmunk sitting on his garden fence when looking from his kitchen window.

Hodges, age 75, is retired and lives at Upavon in Avonside. He regularly spends hours watching birds that stop by his birdtable, but was taken off guard by the chipmunk so much that he grabbed his reference books to see if it was truly a chipmunk.

Hodges stated that its stripes and size made him think it was, which caused him to grab a camera and get a few shots of the animal.  He also stated that he regularly sees squirrels and birds but never a chipmunk running in the wild.

Chipmunks are native to Asia and North America but in the UK they are only kept as pets.  Hodges added that he is aware that there were 15 set free in the Somerset region in 2009, but it seems unlikely that one of these traveled that far making it far more likely that he saw an escaped pet.

Hodges fears that the chipmunk will attack the woodland birds’ nests near his home because they have large appetites and baby birds and birds’ eggs are a part of their diet.

The chipmunk sighting occurred on March 5th, but Hodges has not seen him pass through again.


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