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New Years resolution to help wildlife

This January, members of the British public are being asked to add a couple of new resolutions to their usual list about dieting and giving up smoking.  A Dorset-based animal charity is asking local people to consider making a few changes to their lifestyle and their surroundings in order to help protect wildlife. Simple steps, such as keeping a bird feeder in your garden or putting out a few scraps for hedgehogs, can make a big difference to animals, especially in the tough winter months.

Not everyone has the time or the ability to mount a major conservation project in their back garden, but it only takes few seconds to check the labels on gardening products to ensure they are as environmentally friendly as possible and that they don’t contain any potentially harmful chemicals.

Even city dwellers with no back garden can do their bit for the environment. Sign up for an allotment with your local council or set up a window box and plant a few flowers to attract bees and other insects.

If sorting out the garden was already one of your resolutions, you might want to consider building a small pond. Amphibious creatures are losing vast amounts of their natural habitat due to construction and development, and even a small water feature in a back yard can encourage frogs and toads to return to the area.


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