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New app makes the iPad an invaluable tool for gardeners

New app makes the iPad an invaluable tool for gardeners

New app makes the iPad an invaluable tool for gardeners

IntoGardens, the new gardening magazine that is available now from the App Store for iPad is set, many believe, to make the iPad as indispensable to gardeners as a pair of pruners.

The app is aimed at the 3.8m gardening enthusiasts in the UK, as well as the millions more across the globe, who actively pursue their favourite pastime online.

IntoGardens offers content from all the top gardening writers, designers and broadcasters and they are all in a unique format that will fully engage all keen gardeners.

If you are interested in one of the plants you see in any of the stunning images shot by award-winning garden photographers, a simple tap will reveal more details about that variety. Once interest is piqued, intoGardens offers tap-to-buy functionality, allowing you to purchase the plant there and then, or alternatively save the image to a personalised online scrapbook allowing you to make notes and start building your very own digital reference library to provide continued inspiration throughout the year.

Book reviews include audio files of the author reading extracts whilst another section of the publication provides subscribers with informative ‘how to…’ videos featuring leading experts passing on fiercely practical gardening tips and advice on both ornamental and edible gardening. Reviews of gardens will team evocative writing with full screen photographs that exploit the superior images only possible with the new iPad’s Retina display.

Devised and developed by media and gardening experts, the team behind intoGardens includes internationally renowned garden designer, writer and presenter James Alexander-Sinclair, and Tiffany Daneff, an editor with over 15 years experience in gardening and lifestyle publications, including Daily Telegraph Gardening, Saga Magazine and Gardenlife Magazine.

“There is so much potential with this app,” explains Alexander-Sinclair. “intoGardens was about designing an iPad magazine rather than squeezing a magazine onto an iPad. Over time, I believe that intoGardens will make the iPad as indispensable a gardening tool as a pair of secateurs.”

The first issue includes contributions from multi award-winning designer Cleve West, presenter Joe Swift, award-winning writer and edible gardening expert Mark Diacono, broadcaster and columnist Nigel Colborn, writer and presenter Alys Fowler, author and food writer, Jean-Ann van Krevelen and artist Jason deCaires Taylor plus a host of award-winning photographers including Allan Pollok-Morris, Paul Debois, Jane Sebire and Jonathan Buckley.

The intoGardens App offers a free-to-download issue with a small sample of articles as well as the full issue which is available quarterly for £2.99 or as an annual subscription of just £9.99 from the App Store on iPad or itunes.



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