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Making your garden a home for birds

With just a bit of effort on your part you can transfer your garden into a safe haven for wildlife and birds.  You may want to think about adding in some bird table accessories, plants, bird feeders, and bird baths so that you can offer wildlife water, food, and shelter while keeping the predators away from the garden.

The best place to start is with plants since they can offer shelter, food, and nesting sites for the birds.  You will need to plant various types of native shrubs and trees such as willow, oak, and birch in order to attract insects and bees which will at the same time provide food for mammals, birds, and amphibians

You may also consider adding wildflowers to your garden such as cornflower, foxglove, and honeysuckle which will attract bees and butterflies as well although any flowers that have seeds like sunflowers will attract birds at the same time.

It is a good idea to leave a patch of lawn free that just grows wild so that wildflowers will grow as well as offering shelter to insects due to long grass.

Adding a feeder or a stocked bird table is a great way to attract birds to your garden although you need to make sure that they are quiet so that birds can eat without getting disturbed.  You should try to keep the feeders away from shrubs and bushes so that predators cannot easily hide waiting for a chance to pounce.


1 comment to Making your garden a home for birds

  • Debbie P

    These are some very good tips. I already have foxglove in my garden which definitely does attract lots of bees. I might give honeysuckle a go, I know it is supposed to smell lovely to humans as well as insects! I think it is very important to provide protection from predators for the birds. I’ve got a very nice nest box which provides safe shelter, but also has a camera in so I can see what the birds are doing inside! I wanted one like this for ages but couldn’t find one with a camera anywhere except here:

    But obviously there are a lot of nest boxes without cameras and they’re cheaper too. Not as fun though!

    I’ve got some bird feed hanging from a tree branch too – but I have found that actually the squirrels eat more of it than the birds. Perhaps Wildlife Gardening could give us some tips on how to ensure that it is the birds in our gardens who benefit from the things we provide, rather than squirrels or other pesky critters!

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