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Installing a birdhouse will bring a wide range of feathered friends into your garden

If you want to encourage more wildlife diversity in your garden then it could be a good idea to install a birdhouse, or a nest box. This is something that many birds find appealing as it is a way to protect themselves from predators, the weather and other threats and gives them a wonderful place to care for their young.

If you’re looking to buy a bird box, there are a wide range of options available for you. Most people are unaware that there are different bird boxes that will appeal to different species of bird, so it is possible to choose one depending on which sort of bird you want to attract to your garden. For example, Blue Tits are a smaller bird and therefore require a very small hole in the side of the bird box.

If you want to attract a larger bird, such as a woodpecker, then you are going to need a significantly larger hole, often over twice the size. There are even some bird boxes that have open sides which are appropriate for bird such as Wrens and Blackbirds. If you are very specific about what sort of bird you want to attract, do plenty of research into the right sort of bird box.

Once you have decided which bird box you want, you’re going to have to decide where you want to put it in the garden. One of the most important things you should do, is make sure that the bird box is high enough to keep the birds away from predators.

You should also look around for various things that the predator could climb up in order to get in the box, such as a tree. Again, depending on the species of bird you want to attract will determine where you put your bird box, so do research beforehand.


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