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How to encourage birds to visit your garden

While there are some garden visitors such as hedgehogs, ladybirds, and bees that are usually welcome, it is hard to say for sure whether birds are a welcome addition or not.

This is due to the fact that there are some birds that can rip a garden apart while other birds help control the growth rate of pests.

Of course, there is the underlying fact that birds are simply pretty to look at.  All factors considered, they are usually welcome guests, which is why it may be helpful to learn about how you can encourage birds to stop by your garden more often.

In the past it was thought that birds only need to be fed during the winter time, but now experts recommend that you should put food out at all times of the year because it will encourage them to stop by.

In terms of the type of feed you leave out it is best to keep it simple with a mix that has husk free oats, sunflower seeds, hemp, and canary seed.  The easiest and cheapest type of food product is a stylish egg porcelain feeder that can be tossed into your garden.

Along with food, you also will need to provide birds with unfrozen clean water to bath and drink in if you want them to stop by on a regular basis.  According to the RSPB, the proper amount of water is between 2.5cm to 10cm so that all types of birds have enough room to bathe.

A flat stone or two can also help birds easily get in and out of your bathe.  Stone baths are common although they are a bit pricey and birds will not mind if your bath is as simple as a dustbin lid that is pushed into the soil.


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  • Ian

    Don’t forget that there are a lot of wildlife garden gifts out there on the market to make your garden look smarter as well as to attract wildlife. A cute half a coconut on a string may look great in autumn when you first put it up, but wait until Spring when it’s fallen on the floor and blackened inside and a menace to the lawnmower and then take a look at some fancier birdfeeders and other wildlife gifts.

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