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How to attract birds into your garden

Imagine getting up in the morning, hearing the sound of birds coming from your garden, and looking from your window, and seeing the birds brightening up your garden. You can invite birds to your garden by putting out some food for them on a regular basis. As long as you keep feeding them, they will keep coming.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money purchasing bird’s food, you can use old bread that you would no longer eat, and the birds will just love it. However you need to soak the bread in water to make it easier for the birds to eat it and digest it.

If you are aiming to attract birds to your garden, a must have item in your garden would be a bird table. You should put the food you are offering the birds on that table, and they would just all gather around to feast. You should choose a central position for your bird table so that cats and other animals would find it hard to climb.

If you are willing to spend on your garden’s bird table, there are many nicely designed tables being sold online. But if you don’t want to spend a lot, there are also many cheap ones available in the high street and online.

Another important item that you could put in your garden to attract birds, is a bird bath. Many people do not really care much for bird baths. The birds can use the water for drinking and to clean their feathers as well. Birds sometimes have a hard time finding water to drink specially during winter as the water could be frozen or during dry summers.

When you start feeding the birds on regular basis try not to suddenly stop feeding them, as they would have got used to it and started depending on you to provide them with their food.


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