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Evidence Project report details the use of nest boxes in the garden

The conservation Evidence Project basically just overlooks the reports from the conservation interventions such as wildlife and scientific studies, and it asks were they able to work? After hours of searching through the project’s synopsis, there were a few really good pieces of advice on the possibility of nest boxes in your yard if you are looking to support birds in your garden.

It is confirmed that many studies worldwide have recorded that songbirds love the use of nest boxes, it also shows that more boxes bring in more birds and support breeding success. Nest boxes are truly a great add-on to your garden, but how should you get the best out of them is the real question.

As with the colour of the nest boxes, it isn’t necessarily important, but it is. A very old American study that was performed showed that mourning doves and American robins took a liking to either a green or black nest. With the robins, they made more of an attempt to nest in the green ones than the black ones, although both colours had about equal attempts, as with the mourning doves the results were the exact opposite.

The material that is used to construct the boxes also counts. As in an American study, they found that Warblers enjoyed the empty milk cartons to structured wooden boxes. In a British study, four different species of tits all preferred the woodcrete boxes instead of the actual wood.

It is not usually necessary to clean out the boxes every year as some of the nesting materials that were previously used, create a comfy space and home for the birds to come back to, as some others may contain parasites and might need cleaned out. Found in a Canadian study, tree swallows preferred their box to be clean and empty, while some others liked the old material left in but microwaved so as to sterilise everything.



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