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Creating a wildlife garden

If you want to create a garden that is very friendly to wildlife, it is going to be both a rewarding, and enjoyable experience. Once you have created the garden, you were also going to be pleased because typically an environmentally friendly garden takes less work than a traditional garden.

It’s also not the case that wildlife gardens have to look rough and ready, they can look very neat, and just as nice as a garden which is not so natural. When you are looking to build a wildlife garden, you should choose a specific spot in your garden to build it.

You should look at the soil, by drilling holes in it, and seeing how quickly the soil drains the water. The chances are that if it takes a long time to drain then you are going to need to take some extra steps in order to make it appropriate for wildlife.

A great idea for a wildlife garden can be to use plants that are native to your area. You can check about this online as you will find plenty of information about different plants in different parts of the country. You can then go to a garden centre and purchase these plants and plant them up in your wildlife garden.

A longer term idea can be to plants and trees. These provide a great habitat for larger animals once they have grown, and also birds will welcome the opportunity to build a nest. Obviously, when planting trees you should consider if the area is large enough, and what sort of trees you want.

You should also carefully choose plants as you want some that provide food for animals all year round. There are different plants which seed at different times of the year, so choose these carefully when you are planning your wildlife garden.


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