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Creating a garden that attracts butterflies

Outside of being something beautiful to look at, butterflies can really help to benefit the environment by offering a great way to pollinate flowers as they spread the nectar from plant to plant. If you plan it correctly, you can build an environment that will welcome butterflies so that they come and help your flowers as well.

Most butterflies prefer to have their eggs in open areas and in meadows so you will want to start by considering this fact. It is also helpful to think about the plants that butterflies prefer; which interestingly enough are plants that most people consider weeds including thistles, nettles, and milkweed.

Butterflies primarily are on the lookout for two types of plants: host plants that they can use for caterpillars and plants that provide them with nectar. Therefore, you need to make sure that you have both types of plants in your garden if you want plenty of butterflies to stick around and call it home.

First off, it is important to realise that butterflies flourish and live in sunny spots that are open. They do not have great eyesight and have problems seeing in the shade therefore they tend to avoid it. They do like shrubs and trees, however, for shelter from the rain and sun.

Another thing that you need to consider is that butterflies need to live close to a source of water because they often take drinks between sipping on nectar from flowers. Something as small as a shallow dish that has pebbles or small rocks in it will be enough for most butterflies.

Mud puddles can be social gathering places for butterflies so you also might think about creating an artificial mud puddle in a shallow hole that is lined with plastic and filled with some manure and water to attract their attention.


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