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Butterfly species continue to disappear

In the last 10 years, 75% of all butterfly species in the UK have seen a decline in numbers. The figures have come out of the Butterfly Conservation Centre and have shown that even relatively common species have seen a fall in numbers of nearly 25%.

The researchers suggested that the reason for this fall is because the number of habitats suitable for butterflies is falling. Despite the general number of butterflies falling the report highlights that the numbers of some rare butterflies have been increasing because of intensive conservation efforts.

The data has been collected based on two surveys that have been running for a long time. The surveys look at the number of butterflies from each species and also examine their ranges. Some of the rarest butterflies however have not been doing so well and the scientists expect this is because they require a very specific type of environment and this is declining.

Richard Fox is the lead researcher behind the study and he is said, “It’s unfortunate to see that the number of butterflies has been declining, it is particularly worrying to see the butterflies we thought were adaptable to different environments are also declining in numbers.”



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