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Birds and people help each other in winter

Birds are essential to your garden in the wintertime and you are essential to the birds.  With the cold weather comes extreme changes in their habitat and they need your help to keep them healthy and fit through the cold months.

The best thing that you can do for your feathered friends is to make sure that they have access to plenty of food and water.  Their natural habitat actually disappears in the cold months and it is up to you to create a beneficial habitat for them.

You can do this by making sure that your bird feeders are topped off with the right kinds of food.  You also want to be careful to use properly constructed birdfeeders.  Some birdfeeders can actually be dangerous.  Poorly made birdfeeders can trap feet and beaks and cause injury and even death.

Stay away from cheap birdfeeders at places like hardware stores and instead purchase proper feeders from nature supply shops.  Talk to someone there about the types of birds you already have in your garden and the types you would like to attract.  Certain birds respond better to particular food and you want to be sure that the residents of your garden are getting their preferred diet, especially in winter.

The cold months are not a time to take a vacation from your garden and its wildlife, but a time to be even more vigilant about care and preservation of the wonderful creatures that live in your very own backyard.  They are depending on you.


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