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Birdhouses are a great way off attracting wildlife into your garden

If you want to attract lots of wildlife to your garden a fantastic way to do this would be to build a birdhouse. Another way to do this would be to install a bird feeder, which will encourage birds to visit your garden at least to feed.

By installing either of these items you are going to significantly increase the number of birds who enjoy coming to your garden and it is going to bring your garden to life in a way that just plants cannot.

Most people don’t realise that there are many different birdhouse designs for different types of bird. While this can make choosing complicated, it does mean that you can pretty much select which sort of bird you want to appear in your garden.

There are also different types of materials that birdhouse is can be constructed from, and if you are keen to attract the most birds, you should go for something that is made out of natural materials, such as untreated wood.

Birdfeeders are a simple thing to install and all you have to do is put them in a place where the birds can feed without being likely to be disturbed. They will also look out for locations that are free from danger, such as dangers they face from predators, so if you have a cat, don’t expect so many birds to show up.

Birds are also attracted by standing water as it gives them an opportunity to drink and wash themselves. When you start installing these things in your garden which are going to attract birds, don’t expect an immediate change, it usually takes a few weeks before birds start coming to your garden and usually a couple more before they start taking up residence in your bird boxes.


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