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Bees feel at home in Barking

In Barking there is being created a new wildlife haven for bees. Funding of £9400 has been granted by The Big Lottery Fund to the London Wildlife Trust to build a bee friendly specially designed wildlife garden at the Barking Riverside. Habitat features in the garden will try and attract the rare brown banded carder bee one of the many bees of the declining bee populations.


For Dagenham and Barking residents there will be workshops that will offer ideas on bee-friendly gardening at the project appropriately named Backyard Bee. There are over 250 species of bees in the UK and Barking Riverside supports over 37 different types of bumblebees and native bees.


The decline in bees is thought to be from the continual alterations to the landscape, intensified farming and climate change. The decline in numbers can be reversed and everything is being done to do just that.


London Wildlife Trust will run regular workshops about wildlife gardening at the Riverside in order to give the residents a helping hand. The workshops also will be giving away seeds and plants in order to help people get started with their own wildlife garden at home.


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