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Are foxes a threat to humans in cities

The fox has become integrated with urban life as you can now see them on a drive home, detect their presence in the morning after they have been in your rubbish bins, and you may have even heard them howling while you were trying to sleep at night.

However, while they may be a pain, foxes rarely attack a human with wildlife expert John Bryant stating that foxes in fact are almost the friendliest neighbours, and if encountered in back gardens will always run rather than fight.

Bryant stated that foxes are some of the most passive mammals that you can come in contact with while out in the natural or urban environment.  He stated that after forty years of working with foxes the only incidents in which he has heard of foxes attacking was in the case of a cat and a German shepherd.

Bryant, who is in charge of Humane Urban Wildlife Deterrence the environmental consultancy, stated that foxes only bite if they are cornered and that the fact that cubs attacked a set of twins in a bedroom over the weekend is very rare, basically unique, because they are usually quite naive and playful.

He explained that once the cubs jumped in on a cot they may have been startled by the babies’ presence causing them to attack.  It is also possible that the fox smelled the dirty nappies and grabbed at them without intending to attack the children.

About 16% of foxes now live within Britain in cities and this has caused many new generations of foxes to befriend humans making them feel less threatened and emboldening them.


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