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The Vegetable Trading Co launches to encourage more people to get growing

The Vegetable Trading Co. Was designed with the idea to get the UK to grow vegetables, whether it be on a giant allotment of on a city centre apartment. You can select, on their website, if you have a garden, balcony or apartment and with your selection you receive a list of vegetables and herbs that you can grow and a step by step guide on how to grow them.
The site, along with very simple guides for growing the vegetables, also provides information on ideas for meals, facts about vegetables and how to save versus buying directly from the supermarket. There are seed bundles for sale as well as over 40 herbs and vegetables. There is even a Christmas Dinner bundle that, with the exception of the turkey, gives you everything you need to grow for the meal. To get children involved there is a children’s bundle to get them growing and eating their greens.

The website has been created by 26 year-old Chris Mole from Farnham, Surrey. Chris has been a big fan of growing vegetables for years now, and recently dug over half of his garden to dedicate to testing all of the varieties the site sells.

Chris Mole, founder of The Vegetable Trading Co. said:

“Our website is a great starting point for anyone that wants to start growing their own herbs or veg, but have no idea where to begin. We have over 15 varieties that can be grown pretty much year round indoors, and even more if you have a balcony or patio.

Not only can you save money by growing your own, but it means you always have a fresh supply, and you know there have been no chemicals or pesticides used”


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