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Selecting a plot for vegetable growing

Before making your final selection of a new plot it is important to take time to carefully consider several important issues. The plot’s characteristics as well as the relation to the other plots nearby in order for your plants to receive the best opportunity to grow successfully are both vitally important.

Those plots that are only maintained on a part-time basis should be steered clear of because a plot nearby that is not well maintained can easily creep into your plot and before you know it the weeds they had are now yours and the perennial weeds are the hardest to get rid of so try and guard against them.

The wind speed and direction is of great importance as well. If there is going to be a lot of winds then fragile vegetable, flowers or fruits cannot be planted around the edges of the plot or even at the plot at all. There are some plants that do better with strong winds since strong winds also will stop certain insects from coming around and causing harm to the plants.

Some crops that do well in wind are both potatoes and carrots. Also make sure that water is close by and plentiful since it is probably the most essential element to make your plot a successful one with lots of fruits and vegetables.

Shady plots have much more negatives than positives so if you can stay away from a shady one, all the better. Plants need all the sunshine they can get in order to be healthy and produce an abundant about of crop. So, stay away from tall buildings, large trees, high hedges and shrubs.

Taking a look at the soil quality is another important aspect of choosing your plot. You need to know if it is rocky, hard, dry or been left abandoned and over grown with nutrient sucking weeds. Soggy soil is not good either since it will be a condition that will hinder the planting of the plants and choosing a soggy one means you may have to put in a drainage system.

The level of security is also important. Is there a lockable gate where you plot is located and a strong fence. Since it would be very hard for you and your family to have all your hard work lost to vandalism so checking the security is an important key.


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