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Planning a garden for good food

Before you touch the soil to begin your garden, try sketching it out with pencil and paper first. The plan will save you so much time that you would otherwise spending correcting your errors. Of course it is work, but it lightens your burden once you get outside. You will maximize the efficiency of your space and your crops will turn out healthier and larger.

Remember to only grow what you’ll actually eat. If you and your loved ones hate spinach then do not waste your time growing spinach. As for your standard vegetables, do not be embarrassed to grow things as mundane as onions, lettuce, and tomatoes. Do not forget to grow something you all go bananas over. It will make your labor that much easier when it feels like drudgery.

If you plant too much of anything you will find it rotting on your shelves. So remember to preserve what you will eat later.

What your garden looks like will be influenced by how much room is available and natural boundaries, such as trees. Different types of beds are for different kinds of spaces, so you may want to consult an expert book to fill in what you lack in knowledge in that area.

Flat beds and raised beds are the most typical types of garden beds. The former are located directly in the ground, while the latter are raised above ground when the hardness or space are limitations.

Regardless of the type of bed you must use, you should plant with a path every 1 meter of garden. That together with the plan will help you succeed in your green thumb plans.


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