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Growing vines in the garden

If you often consume wine and have a garden at home the idea of growing grape vines in the garden may have occurred to you as a passing thought, you may have thought it was not possible in the UK, but that is not the case.

Before getting started there are a few basics you need to know because growing vines is not as easy as you might think, which is of course why some of the finest varieties of wine are so pricey.  Although it takes a great deal of knowledge, effort, and patience to grow grape vines it is not impossible, however if you bear the following in mind before you start spending money or your time on the venture.

First you need to take some time to learn about the different varieties of grapes and grape vines in order to determine which ones will grow best in the climate that is provided by your garden as well as the soil type.  While there are hundreds of grape varieties, not all of them will grow properly in a garden situated in the UK, which is why it is important to look at the location of your garden and your local climate before choosing the best suited grape vines.

Next you need to take a close look at your garden to determine where the grape vines should be placed.  A suitable location includes an area that receives a great deal of sunlight and also drains well, since grape vines should not be over exposed to water or they will die prematurely.  The soil in the spot you chose should be suitable for the grape vine that you end up choosing as well, which an expert can help you determine by taking a close look at the soil quality in your garden.  If you find that the soil is not suitable, then a treatment can be applied first.

It is extremely important to consider treating soil that is imbalanced because contrary to what you may believe, if you do not prepare properly the grape vines will not thrive, or possibly not even grow.  Once the soil is properly treated and has been tested again to see if the nutrients that grapes need is now present you can begin to grow vines.  You will need to place a trellis near any area where you seed grape vines because as they grow they will need a place to anchor onto and grow upwards for success.

The trellis needs to be solid and durable because grape vines can become quite heavy by the time they reach a full harvest.  Keep in mind that it takes a year in most cases for grape vines to fully mature so the trellis will be supporting a great deal of weight before your vineyard is ready to be plucked and turned into wine.  The advantage of taking the time to plan out the presence of vines in your garden however will be a full harvest of rich and plump grapes that can be used for wine.


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