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Gardeners are becoming greener

More and more gardeners are becoming concerned with gardening practices that not only will help beautify the area also in way to help make it more environmentally friendly. If though certain habits are hard to break a concerted effort put forth to not garden with any chemicals is one of the best things a gardener can do to go green. There are also a few other ways to you can be eco-friendly in your garden.

A great deal of harm that gardeners are causing the environment is by overusing or misusing herbicides and pesticides. There are alternatives so instead of looking to use chemicals there are many more eco friendly options to eliminate weeds and pests.

For example if you do hand weeding before they get too big than you can try and maintain control and not have to use chemicals to kill them. By laying out a thick amount of mulch you can also eliminate the number of weeds and their seeds from germinating again.

One alternative to chemical sprays is using vinegar. But you need the vinegar that is at least 20% ascetic acid since regular household vinegar is only 5% not making it strong enough to do what you need. There are also organic herbicides there are now on the market that work quite well.

Pests are difficult creatures to get rid of and not fun when they are around. A number of them do not harm the garden but the ones that do, need to be eradicated. The Japanese beetle for example comes to mind and need to be eliminated since they can do a lot of harm quickly.

If you are able to hand pick them out and put them into soapy water that helps a lot if the infestation is not too big. Traps are also helpful but you need to have a great deal of space in order to place the traps away from the garden otherwise it is like an open invitation to the beetle. There are sprays like Rotenone and pyrethrum that are now made of natural ingredients and will help with beetles and other pests.


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