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Changeable weather brings a wealth of food for wildlife

2010 has been a year of weather extremes featuring collectively the coldest winter that has been seen in thirty years followed by a late spring followed by the June heatwave and then the coldest August that the UK has seen in the past 17 years.

However, the upside of the erratic weather is that the autumnal equinox on Thursday also brings with it plenty of hedgerows and trees full of berries, nuts, and fruits.  This is great news for orchid owners, foragers, home gardeners, and animals that need to stock up on food before the winter cold descends again.

National Trust conservation advisor, Matthew Oates, stated that this is the result of a late spring and the mild weather that the nation experienced throughout the middle of July.  The month of August aided the growth as low pressure seemed to sit over top of the UK bringing with it cool, cloudy weather.

Oates added that up until July there was not very much nasty weather and an absence of gales, floods, and anything else damaging, which allowed trees to flower in plentiful so that they could be pollinated and ready to bear fruit.

Blackberries took a small beating in the rains of August but now they are plentiful along with plums, pears, and apples.  Also in abundance are rosehips, hazelnuts, and sloe berries.  Hedgerows are also covered in berries and holly and hawthorn fruits allowing for plenty of food for animals that are busy getting ready for the cold spell.


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