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Native hedging great for your garden and wildlife

Native hedging refers to a mixture of British Shrubs and trees that are deciduous, fast growing and tough. Therefore is should not be a surprise the best hedge plants to use are those that have been there since the ice age.

The element that is key in hedge plants is Hawthorn which is the country’s best overall hedge plant. This will make about 50% of the mix and should be mixed in with the other varieties that you decide to plant in order for the hedge to be strong and thorns the entire length.

The rest is most often made of five or more other species from about twenty to choose from but the most common are dogwood, blackthorn, guilder rose, field maple, hazel, wild rose and wayfaring tree. In the countryside, the need for native hedging is obvious, but for the city there are a number of reasons why it is good as well.

All of them have lived and thrived for centuries in the British Isles and can withstand any foul weather, heavy pruning or poor soil. The only place they will not thrive or work out is in a marshy spot or soggy ditch. Willows, dogwoods and alders are also natives and will thrive in those areas.

These types of plants for hedges are great for wildlife. Native bees, birds and mammals have evolved along with these native plants for many years they ideally suit one another. After your different groups of flowers have given food for a myriad of butterflies and insects the native hedge could boast crab-apples, hazel nuts, rose-hips plus guilder rose, wayfaring trees and sloe.

This type of country hedging is great to distract squirrels. If you have fruit in your garden and squirrels are causing a problem the food the hedge has will be a great alternative to those crops of yours. If you work hard on protecting the bushes and fruit trees you may find the squirrels will opt for the option that is easiest.

The native hedge plants often come hedging packs that are ready made and with names like Conservation Hedging or Conservation Hedge Mix. There are generally about six species of plants with the Hawthorne making up 50% of the pack. Since they are less expensive you will not get to choose the mix since the batches will be pre made by suppliers and the quality should be equal to if you had selected them yourself.


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