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Garden leaves have their uses

When autumn arrives there is a great change in scenery as the leaves begin to change colour. What was once green, turns into a great array of red, brown and yellow. While this is a very beautiful time of the year many people find it a rather repetitive time as they have to spend a lot of hours raking up leaves and throwing them away.

There are ways to use these leaves that are environmentally friendly and mean that they do not have to go to landfill. They can even be used to create eco-fuel which is carbon neutral but for most people there are simpler options they take advantage of.

For people with a fireplace it is possible to burn the leaves without any processing but this can be a difficult process as they tend to burn fast. If you want to take advantage of using them it is best to buy a log maker. This is device that will allow you to turn fallen leaves into logs which you can use on the fire.

A log maker will turn wet leaves into a log and then squeeze out any excess water. They will still need to dry for a time but when they have you will be left with a perfectly formed log which you can use in your fireplace.

The best thing about creating these logs is that they are carbon neutral as long as you collect the leaves from your own garden or somewhere you can easily walk to. When they are being burned the leaves release carbon dioxide but no more than they removed from the atmosphere when they were growing on the tree. This means that they are the most eco-friendly fuel you can find they also carry the additional advantage that they are completely free.


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