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Fear of fox attacks stops back garden wildlife feeding

Around one third of families in Wales are refraining from feeding wildlife in their gardens. Part of this is due to a fear of fox attacks, despite claims from wildlife experts that this may be an irrational fear.

Specifically, 28% of Welsh people are no longer feeding wild animals. For most families, it is because they do not wish to encourage animals to live around their homes. In a survey by E1 Entertainment, on which the findings are based, 34% of the people surveyed said that their attitude toward wild animals has changed following a recent fox attack on twin babies in London.

And 34% of those questioned who live in urban areas admit that their attitude towards all local wildlife has been affected by the fox attacks on twin babies in their London home. Pauline Kouppraris discovered her twin daughters, only nine months old at the time, covered in blood and crying following a fox attack on the two girls. This was back in June, when they were said to be in “serious condition” following the attack.

According to the survey, people are not especially fond of foxes. They were listed as the penultimate animal in popularity, with many families scared of foxes following by the recent incident in June.

According to Ted Burden of the London Wildcare Trust, the attack had an “adverse impact” on many people’s opinion of foxes and other wildlife in their garden. According to Burden, the incident was extremely rare, and foxes and other wildlife can help those with gardens by feeding on pesky rats.


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