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Beautiful Radnorshire Property for Sale with Flourishing Widlife Garden

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Escape to the country – 15 Minutes from Llandrindod Wells!

… to beautiful rural Radnorshire where wildlife flourishes. We are a county wildlife site for great crested newts. We have all 3 species of newts and frogs and other aquatic insects. The otter and heron visit our large pond regularly.

Tawny Owl Chicks

The site is 6.5 acres and comprises formal gardens, pasture, hay meadow, 3

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Wildlife gardening sees a resurgence of interest

Over the last few years wildlife gardening has become much more popular as gardeners are becoming more educated on the decline of wildlife in gardens. As a result, more and more modest gardeners are becoming interested in how they can help species survive in their gardens while also learning to enjoy having regular wildlife visitors in their garden to observe.

The last century has seen many

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Wildlife friendly gardens can be a source of great entertainment

Watching a bat pop out from under a bat house after sunset or seeing a hedgehog pop out from underneath some old wooden logs can be a great sight to catch on a whim, but if you want to actually see these types of sights more often you can take some proactive steps to make it happen.

By building your garden to be wildlife friendly you

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Simple planting to entice birds to your garden

If you are planting a landscaped garden you may want to think about how birds could compliment it by offering bright colours, cheerful songs, and lively movement.   In fact, every garden regardless of size can offer a sanctuary for birds year round, by just adding the four ingredients that an urban songbird requires for a proper habitat: shelter, food, water, and nesting.

While choosing what to

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Every gardener can help save British wildlife

In the last few years, wildlife gardening has becoming increasingly popular mainly because gardeners are now more aware of the fact that wildlife is declining, and that they have a larger role in protecting it.  Of course, the charm of watching native species at play in one’s garden is also a contributing factor.

Today, it is great fun to share a garden with frogs, birds, toads,

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UN urges wildlife gardening

With summer getting closer gardens now need more maintenance and it is time to get the lawn mowers out of the garage.  However, instead of getting the mower out, why not try leaving it in the shed so that your garden an offer a safe haven to wildlife that is now starting to emerge from hibernation.

Instead of thinking about maintenance however you may want to

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