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Summer Is Almost Over – Grab Some Hot Garden Deals

Retailers are always thinking ahead, just look at how early Easter goodies appear in the stores! While many are gearing up for the Christmas season, they haven’t quite forgotten summer just yet, and nor should you. Summer may seem like its fast departing, but there’s still some bright and sunny days left, and plenty of opportunity to plan for next summer. This is a win-win – retailers have stock to shift, and you get to grab some great end of season deals.

Back in 2014 the BBC backed up the idea of end of summer sales by publishing a piece in their consumer section on what to buy and when. A range of experts were asked for their opinions on the best time to buy certain goods. Good Homes Magazine pinpointed September as the time when summer garden furniture ranges and soft furnishing have notable price cuts. While the economic climate, and life as a whole, may have moved on and changed since then, the same still applies.

There are many ways to have free outdoor fun with friends and family during the summer months, but as your outdoor furniture and accessories need more of an investment, why not save money and buy them at the right time. The deals on offer could vary, and cover ranges of rattan and metal patio furniture in different styles and sizes. It’s not just traditional end of season offers, you might find deals on end of line/discontinued stock as well. To get an idea of prices for different products, you can compare garden furniture online before hitting the garden centres.

While the bulk of the offers available might revolve around bigger furniture items, it’s also worth looking out for savings on accessories as well. Parasols, gazebos, and soft furnishing, along with BBQ equipment, may also have sale signs attached. Choices may be limited in some areas, but there’s sure to be a range to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a stylish small table and chairs, or a larger rattan set and parasol. You could be entertaining all the family – or just spreading out and relaxing with the family pets, all at a discount!

Be Prepared?

Impulse purchases can be a lot of fun, but sometimes it can pay to be organised. If you already have upgrades in mind, why not keep an eye out for some styles you like, measure up patios or terraces where your new furniture might fit, and decide on a colour scheme. Blogs can be a great source of inspiration as well, especially if you want to add a bit of colour and quirkiness to your outdoor space, or want ideas on how you can mix and match furniture pieces, that you might be gathering.

Armed with your list of like and dislikes, you’ll be prepared when the sales hit, can look out for offers on your favourite items. You’ll still get the same guarantees as you would with any other purchase, and durable, hard wearing products, but you never know, some or all of your wish list might just be available as a ‘hot garden deal’.


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