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How to Redecorate a Property for Disabled Parents

2Most adults want to spend their retirement in their own homes leading a full and independent life. Sadly as we get older and arthritis or other mobility problems enter the picture, life in your own home can become increasingly difficult.

Adapt fixtures

Thankfully, contemporary manufacturers have designed a whole host of aids that promote independence and mean that retirement can still be a happy and active time for all.

Bathing can be a nightmare for those who have restricted movement. Climbing in and out of an elevated bathtub is a real difficulty if you are suffering from spinal problems or your legs aren’t as agile as they used to be. A very useful solution to these problems is a walk in bath shower, which have been designed so that wheelchair users and individuals who have to use a walking stick can simply ease themselves into the bath through the use of a convenient watertight side door.  This means your parents will not have to ask for help every time they wish to take a bath or shower, prolonging an independent lifestyle.

Useful gadgets

If your parents want to continue to live on their own, then contemporary developments in the world of telecommunications should be explored. There are many devices on the market that instantly notify carers in the event of a fall or if the user is concerned that an intruder is trying to break into their home.

The whole system operates through a sensor device that is wired up to a local 24-hour call centre and your home, if you wish, meaning that appropriate assistance can be summoned immediately. These gadgets provide peace of mind for all and will request help from any emergency services should they be required. Social Care departments can assist with the cost of acquiring the funds for such a device is a problem.

Facilitate everyday tasks

If your parents’ mobility problems mean that they rarely climb the stairs so the greater part of the house is unused, why not investigate the options of a stair lift? Increasingly manufacturers have broadened this range of products so you should be able to find a model that can easily be adapted for your parents’ needs.

Kitchens can be dangerous for the able bodied but the problems for the disabled are magnified. The first thing you could do is to explore the possibility of having the work surfaces lowered to a convenient height. Sinks can also be lowered and separate hobs and ovens mean that your parents can still use these everyday appliances.


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