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Care homes: the breakout

2There is a fascinating and encouraging trend emerging in Britain (and much of the West), and it’s a trend that affects everyone.

Older people are breaking out!

There is essentially a huge swing away from moving to a care home to spend your retirement years and towards living those golden Autumn years out in the world, exploring new possibilities to the fullest. One of the main factors in this new trend is the move from care homes to retirement properties.

Retirement properties are essentially smaller houses or flats specifically made more manageable for more elderly people. They are more manageable because they are smaller and because they tend to be part of larger communities – retirement developments and retirement villages which generally have wardens and carers on hand to help with the management of the property and any mobility or healthcare concerns.

The freedom to have your own home and be an active part of a local community is a huge draw for many entering their retirement but the trend goes further than this – and so does the freedom.

Retirement properties are actually part of a broader trend. Many elderly people are seeking more opportunities and new horizons, and in general, looking for a new lease on life in their retirement years. Many UK retirees are actually opting for a faster-paced life in the cities and it’s very common for people to hunt for retirement flats for sale in large cities like Manchester, and in particular, London.

Retirement flats are generally managed by retirement property companies as well, and often have links to wardens and care services that can assist with property management.

Probably the greatest freedom granted by retirement properties over care homes is money.

Retirement properties are generally much cheaper than care homes, where you are to a great extent also paying for the regular care services that you may not actually need. There have been numerous reports on the soaring costs of care homes so it’s hardly surprising that retirees are attracted to the affordability and freedom offered by retirement homes.

The added disposable income given to the elderly opens a plethora of new and exciting opportunities in a society that is rapidly coming to accommodate the needs and desires of a burgeoning over-60s population.


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