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Water use in outdoor spaces

Waters use in outdoor spaces has always been an important part of architectural style. It has always been a symbol of wealth and power and all over the world water has been used to create beautiful and impressive buildings and gardens. Water has the ability to cool and create focus in an area, it also provides both stillness and movement, making it an understandably popular choice.

In the western world we have come to take the availability of our resources for granted. Water especially has been easily available to us for a long time. In the modern world we have no worries that our gardens may be brown as we can simple pipe water into them.

While water has in the past had more of an aesthetic purpose, such as creating impressive gardens, the world is now looking at water as a powerful resource. Water has been named as one of the ecosystems that is threatened and leading world bodies have identified the need to protect it and the biodiversity that it houses. Furthermore risks of major water shortages in the near future are coming to major industrialised cities as they use more water than they can get.

People have experienced climatic change most notably though unpredictable weather. In the UK one year there may be a drought and the next a record rainfall causing substantial flooding. We can experience this change on an individual level, and we are capable of doing something to change it on an individual level as well.

For one, we can harvest rainwater to use in our homes and garden, installing water butts and tanks will make this possible. The use of this water was typically only for gardens, but now we are seeing an increased use of it in the home – for flushing toilets and such.


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