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Water butts can help save the planet

The UK is certainly a country that doesn’t seem to lack its fair share of rain. When most people picture an image of England they probably do it with rain in mind, and therefore they might be surprised to hear that the UK still suffers from water shortages on occasion. This is why many people are deciding to install water butts in their gardens so that they have enough water for dry days, even if the water supply nationally is running low.

Having a water butt in your garden will mean that you have a water supply even if it has been sunny for many days. This will allow you to keep your garden green and its condition healthy, which can be especially useful if there is a hosepipe ban in effect.

WaterWise is an independent company responsible for monitoring the use of water in the UK households. They have predicted that the rate we currently use water will not be sustainable into the future when you consider how much water can be supplied.

A water butt is a type of tank that collects water that is drained off your roof. It gives you water that can be used for many purposes in the garden. They are very easy to install and can hold a large amount of water, some water butts can hold up to 750 litres. If you are worried about how they are going to appear in your garden then they are available in a wide variety of colours and many of them are aesthetically pleasing.

Water meters are becoming more popular and this means that people are having to monitor more carefully how much water they are using. It is expected that in the near future water monitors are going to become a standard feature of many homes.

When you consider that a hosepipe can consume around 20 litres of water every minute you will realise how fast your water bill will increase. You can also expect your plants to do better with the water from your water butt than the clean stuff that comes out of your tap.


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