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Taking care of your garden to attract wildlife

Most gardeners will quickly admit that it has been a tough year, but the wildlife has had a worst time than the gardeners. This is due to the fact when the garden wildlife does not thrive the animals do not have a place to go. It is very important that people maintain their gardens, because all together about 90% of home owners in the UK have gardens, making this total area much larger than the actual area of land that nature reserves cover.

Wild creatures depend on the gardens for a place to live and a place to feed. Of course, the soggy weather has made it tough on a lot of animals that regularly ground feed such as dunnocks and song thrushes. In addition, there is no grass for pecking and the worms are drowning in water.

Butterflies have also had a tough year due to the rain because they do not fly while it is raining. Therefore, they are unable to actually reach any nectar plants and have faced extreme difficulties when it comes to finding a mate. Even if butterflies did manage to lay eggs, in most cases the plants that they left their eggs on became waterlogged and ruined the eggs.

It is impossible to stop the rain, but there are a few things that garden owners can do right now to help out the animals that stop by their garden. First off, it’s not a bad idea to leave grass a bit tufty because this helps provide refuge. Planting some flowers this spring will also help bring some new birds into your yard, and then simply tossing some seeds by the flowers will help keep them fed so that you get even more birds into the yard and some insects to boot.


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