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Spring cleaning in the garden

The warmer weather we are starting to enjoy means only one thing, Spring is on it’s way and it’s time to sort out the garden and clear out all the waste that has accumulated through the winter.

As the majority of waste from the garden is organic, it makes it ideal for recycling. Using the weeds, grass cuttings and the like to create a compost heap is the easiest way to do this, and completely free. Nature will take its course in breaking it down and you can then reuse it to feed your plants and flowers.

As garden waste is organic, it doesn’t cause the problems that household waste does as it quickly rots away and doesn’t clog up landfills; however, it can also be useful and can be easily recycled at home. Composters are readily available for those who wish to recycle while keeping their garden neat and tidy and there is a size to suit every garden.

If you have trees to prune, the discarded branches can be dried out and used as fuel for a fire or wood burning stove. A wood store will allow the drying process while keeping the area tidy. Wood properly dried out won’t smoke and will burn for longer, this reducing the cost of your energy.

Converting other waste into fuel that is burnable is easy with a log maker. This turns paper and card waste into compact, burnable logs that will slowly burn on a fire, another way to reduce energy costs.


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