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Selecting a tree for your garden

A tree chosen with care for the garden acts as its focal point by tying is altogether. It can bring non-stop beauty and joy to you and the garden. For this reason garden trees are most important. The tree you choose needs to compliment the garden and things to keep in mind are the type of blossoms, shape and the shade of the leaves come autumn.

Something that cannot be forgotten is the trees size. Make sure that there is sufficient space for the tree to get bigger. Even though it can be pruned the trees growth pattern is a must to know about. Before purchasing make sure you check the height the tree will grow to. By pruning you can figure that you can keep the tree to 50% of its normal height. And remember a number of years will pass before it reaches its maximum height.

Trees in containers can be planted most anytime during the year but late autumn and spring are the two best times. A large area around where the tree will be planted is necessary, just a hole will not work. The tree should have a deep enough hole to plant it at the same level where it was at the nursery.

Once the hole is dug you can put fertilizer in the bottom of the hole. Place the tree in the hole and fill in all around it with soil. Make sure the soil is settled in and then stamp the soil to make it all go flat around the tree trunk.

Mulch can then be place around the tree to discourage weeds from coming up through. Through the trees first growing season make sure the tree gets water daily. If the tree is to be exposed to heavy winds or other factors than it may be advisable to plant a stake next to the tree and tie a rope around it and the tree to support the tree until it is more mature.


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