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Pottering around the garden can make you live longer

In a study that has been conducted on people above the age of 60, it has been found that activities like pottering around the garden or even fixing house can help in living a longer life. Old people may find it hard to be involved in rigorous exercises. As per the study, engaging in simple activities that help in body movement can turn out to be a lifesaver for them.

The study, conducted on 4,232 people in Sweden and published in the British journal of sports medicine indicated that the risk of heart attack and stroke was significantly reduced. The researchers who work at Karolinska university hospital in Stockholm commented that elderly people tend to stay sedentary and their rate of exercising is comparatively less when you compare it with people of other age groups. Hence they looked at small activities like fixing car, repairing home and many more.

The results proved that people who tend to have an active lifestyle have a low risk of heart attack. One does not need to exercise for several hours in a day but some kind of movements and activities are desired. The percentage of people prone to the risk of heart attack or stroke has been cut down by 27 percent by simply being active. As per the report, having an active daily life benefits cardiovascular health and it can promote higher longevity.

The findings stated that the clinical relevance of this report was targeted mainly towards older people who tend to lie sedentary most of the times. The scientists believe that simply sitting undisturbed for long hours and not having any body movements can lower the metabolic rate of a person. It can also alter the hormones that are produced in the muscular tissue. Hence, old people who tend to stay a little active are likely to live longer.



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