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Poppies are wonderful for a balanced garden

For a balanced ecosystem in whatever type of garden you choose to create, poppies can be a good choice to attract various insects. These insects will provide food to larger animals and ensure you have a diverse outdoor space.

Poppies come in a vast range of colours and styles and attract all forms of insects, including butterflies. They are also an excellent choice as they will require very little care from year to year. They produce huge numbers of seeds which will disperse in the garden and ensure many further generations. Oriental poppies are particularly popular for their beauty, many of these varieties will have flowers that hang in the air and wave in the breeze.

For those wanting to create a meadow that seems aglow with wild flowers, poppies again are an excellent choice. They come in many varieties so your field will be covered in different colours. They also vary in sizes and shapes. The red poppy, Papaver Rhoeas is the most famous in the UK as it is known as being the remembrance flower.

Poppies are not just popular for their decorative features, the plants can also be an excellent addition to a vegetable garden. Papaver somniferum is the most popular variety as they are good at luring insects which can help the other plants to pollinate, this will increase the amount of food you can harvest. The seeds of this variety are also edible and are found in many breads.

Most varieties of poppies will thrive in sunny, dry areas but if you do not have such a place in your garden then you need not worry. The Himalayan Poppy is known for being able to thrive in damp locations and will provide many of the benefits of the other types of poppies we have examined in this article.

Creating a backyard for your own enjoyment is a great deal of work but is truly something worth pursuing. Poppies are a fantastic addition to any garden and once you have them planted up will not require too much maintenance. They produce a great deal of seeds and will come back year after year.


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